Teachers have made the following comments about our Scratch coding classes:

  • I found this particular topic very interesting.
  • I thought the presenter was very well organized and communicated clearly to his audience and was engaging.
  • It was well planned and explained very well.  I like that there were three different activities to use coding.
  • The instructor did a great job presenting the information and encouraging participation and questions.
  • Thank you for your time and the great guides to different programming ideas.
  • Great job! You hit your key points and gave plenty of hands-on time.

Central office administrators have made the following comments about our training days:

  • Being a learning organization depends on professionals, like yourself, who are willing to showcase not only your knowledge, but your commitment to continuing to learn. Thank you for helping us move toward this goal for everyone.
  • Your suggestions and insights with respect to professional development as a result to your recent workshop, we can make this possible. The general comments are overwhelmingly positive.