At stem-support-and-training.com we assist educators meet their STEM goals by providing resources that will engage students.

Colleges and school districts rarely offer professional development in coding and it is often fragmented, ineffective, and not designed to address the specific needs of individual teachers. This is where we come into play. We focus on the individual teacher’s needs with carefully designed lesson plans tailored to their grade level and language of choice.

Our STEM training can assist and support classroom teachers:

  • with curriculum development;
  • in choosing the appropriate coding language and platform for their students;
  • write code-rich, highly interactive and engaging lesson plans;

We can provide training in specific languages: php, html, SQL, Python, Java and more. Also, we provide mentoring services to teachers. Every teacher has different needs because the curriculum s/he follows is always unique. Having a mentor that will meet with the teacher on a regular basis to ask questions and receive answers is very important. Teachers with less coding experience may need a mentor to go to throughout the school year with questions. We can support these teachers with their STEM questions.

We have embraced such technologies that can be brought into a classroom effortlessly. We use the Raspberry Pi extensively. It is a small, cheap yet very versatile computer. Using the Raspberry Pi in your classroom or in a computer classroom you will afford your students the opportunity to explore a variety of computer languages.

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